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1861 Stanhope Twp, Peterborough
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LAC # C-1067
LDS # 349313
District: Peterborough
District No: unknown
Sub-District: Minden Twp & Stanhope Twp & Dysart Twp
Sub-District No: 327
Includes Dysart Twp & Minden Twp
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What do the headings mean?
AL2 M Wright Wm. farmer Ire. C of E 40 log
AL2 M Wright Catherine Ire. 34
AL2 M Wright Jas. C.W. 13
AL2 M Wright Mary Ann USA 10
AL2 M Wright Ed. C.W. 6
AL2 M Wright Margt. C.W. 4
AL2 M Wright R. C.W. 2 dau
Henderson John store keeper Scot. C of S 35 mar frame
Samson Robt. labourer Eng. C of E 33 log
C2L1 M Campbell M. R. farmer Ire. C of E 30 ?
C2L1 M Campbell Margt. trapper C.W. C of S 26
C2L1 M Campbell John J. C.W. 2
C2L1 M Campbell Margt. C.W. 4
C2L1 M Campbell Thos. Rice C.W. C of S 9
AL3 M Jonson Thos. farmer Ire. W Meth 43 mar log
AL3 M Dalton Wm. labourer Ire. R C 19
AL3 M Jas. labourer Ire. C of E 50
AL28 M Bradshaw John farmer Ire. C of E 32 mar ?
AL28 M Bradshaw Archd. labourer Ire. 19
AL1 M Bowron Francis teacher Eng. C of E 42 log
AL1 M Bowron Mary Eng. 48
AL1 M Bowron Margt. Eng. 17
AL1 M Bowron Wm. C.W. 10
AL1 M Bowron John labourer C.W. 22
AL1 M Bowron Anthony labourer C.W. 30
C2L2 M Dalkins Harry tailor Isle of o M 30 mar frame
C2L2 M Dalkins  Wight
C2L2 M Dalkins Catherine Ire. B C 28 mar
C2L2 M Dalkins Florance C.W. B C 6
C2L2 M Dalkins Victor C.W. B C 4
C2L2 M Dalkins Mary T C.W. B C 1
AL5 M Kent Catherine C.W. W Meth 27 log
AL5 M Kent Wm. C.W. 4
AL5 M Kent Jane C.W. 2
AL5 M Ba/o-m Jane Ire. W Meth 34
AL5 M Kellett Jane Eng. W Meth 20
AL12 M Gainer John farmer C.W. C of E 26 log
AL12 M Gainer Margt. Ire. 28
AL12 M Gainer Wm. G. C.W. 5
AL12 M Gainer Eliz. C.W. 3
AL10 M Gainer Saml. farmer Ire. C of E 54 log
AL10 M Gainer Eliz. Ire. 40
AL10 M Gainer Wm. millowner C.W. saw mill 23 mar
AL10 M Gainer Robt. labourer C.W. 600000' 21
AL10 M Gainer Eliz. C.W. 18
AL10 M Gainer Ann Jane C.W. 15
AL10 M Gainer Jas. H. C.W. 12
AL10 M Gainer Wm labourer C.W. 23
AL10 M Bamer? Jas. labourer Ire. C of S 23
AL16 M Young Alex. farmer C.W. W Meth 20 ?
AL16 M Herman John labourer C.W. Bap 43
AL14 M McCoy Wm. farmer Ire. C of E 29 log
AL14 M McCoy Sarah C.W. 24
AL14 M McCoy Geo. C.W. 8
AL14 M McCoy Mathias C.W. 6
AL14 M McCoy Thelma C.W. 3
AL14 M McCoy Charlotte C.W. 1
AL14 M Oiles John labourer C.W. C of E 16
AL14 M Conley? Elen C.W. R C 3
AL17 M Whitaker Saml. farmer Eng. C of E 30 log
AL17 M Whitaker Mary Eng. W Meth 29
AL18 M Hilton Geo. farmer Eng. C of E 41 log
AL18 M Hilton Eliz. Ire. 31
AL18 M Hilton Sarah C.W. 6
AL18 M Hilton Albert W. C.W. 4
AL18 M Hilton Ann C.W. 1
AL20 M Burns Jas. farmer Ire. C of E 32 log
AL21 M Burns Jos. farmer Ire. 25
Burns Henry labourer Ire. 31
Burns Ann Ire. 24
AL29 M Abbott John farmer Eng. Bap 50 mar log
Bradshaw Gabrael farmer Ire. C of E 23 log
Bradshaw John labourer C.W. 18
Bradshaw Robt. labourer C.W. 15
AL26 M Kenney Jas. farmer Ire. C of E 48 log
AL25 M Coulter Wm. farmer Ire. C of E 31 log
AL25 M Coulter Jane Ire. 27
AL25 M Coulter Sarah ? Mariposa 17
AL25 M Coulter Wm. Jr. C.W. 7
AL25 M Coulter John  C.W. 5
AL25 M Coulter Jos. C.W. 3
AL25 M Coulter Sarah J. C.W. 1
AL31 M Douglas Wm. farmer Ire. C of E 46 mar log
C5L2 M Stamp Geo. farmer Scot. F C 29 hus
Stamp Margt. Scot. 29 wife
Stamp John Scot. 8
Stamp Geo. A. C.W. 2
C5L3 M Shove Fred. J. farmer Eng. C of E 32 log
C5L3 M Shove Emma E. Eng. 31
C5L3 M Shove Edith E. Eng. 5
C5L3 M Shove Fred. L. Eng. 4
C5L3 M Shove Chas. E. C.W. 2
Harvey Francis hunter C.E. C of E Trading Lk. 36 ?
Young Thos. miller Eng. W Meth 48 frame
Young Mary E. grocery Eng. 36
Young Eliza E. C.W. 17
Young Jos. C.W. 15
Young John C.W. 13
Young Ephriam C. C.W. 11
Young ? C.W. 7 dau
Young Eva E. C.W. 2
Kenney Geo. H. Wesley minister C.W. W Meth Oakville 37 ? ?
C1L1 M Bevis Wm. farmer Ire. C of E 60 hus log
C1L1 M Bevis Catherine Ire. 43 wife
C1L1 M Meyni? Catherine Ire. C of E 67 w
C1L1 M Murray Wm. labourer Ire. C of E 22
C1L1 M Murray Jas. labourer Ire. 19
C1L1 M ? Rebecca E. C.W. 11
C1L1 M ? John C.W. 8
C1L1 M ? Catherine A. C.W. 6
C1L1 M ? Mary H. C.W. 3
C1L9 M Pogue Jas. farmer Ire. C of E 32 log
C1L9 M Pogue Mary C.W. 30
C1L9 M Pogue Thos. C.W. 6
C1L9 M Pogue Robt. C.W. 4
C1L9 M Pogue Levi C.W. 2
C1L9 M Pogue Mary C.W. 1
C1L12 M Pogue Alex. farmer C.W. C of E 30 log
C1L12 M Pogue Sarah C.W. 28
C1L12 M Pogue Wm. C.W. 10
C1L12 M Pogue Martha C.W. 8
C1L12 M Pogue Alex. C.W. 1
C1L17 M Cannon Robt. farmer Eng. W Meth 36 log
C1L17 M (Gannon?) Eliz. Ire. 36
C1L17 M Cannon Jas. C.W. 12
C1L17 M Cannon John C.W. 10
C1L17 M Cannon Wm. C.W. 8
C1L17 M Cannon Robt. H. C.W. 6
C1L17 M Cannon Jos. E. C.W. 4
C1L17 M Cannon Ed. C.W. 2
C1L17 M Cannon Margt. A. C.W. 1
C6L16 M Walker Wm. farmer C.W. C of E 26 log
C6L16 M Walker Mary C.W. 23
C6L16 M Walker E. C.W. 5 dau
C6L16 M Walker Wm. L. C.W. 2
C7L24 M Davidson David farmer Ire. C of S 25 hus log
C7L24 M Davidson Mary Ire. 26 wife
C7L22 M Davidson Wm. farmer Ire. 24
Pockett Saml. farmer Eng. W Meth 21 log
Pockett Edwin labourer Eng. 25
Pockett Jas. labourer Eng. 24
Pockett Isabell Eng. 15
Pockett Wm. labourer Eng. 13
Pockett Jacob Eng. 18
Wildman Francis farmer Eng. C of E 25 ?
Gorman Richd. farmer Eng. C of E 26 ?
C3L25 M Dancey Jas. farmer Ire. C of E 34 log
C3L25 M Dancey Barbara C.W. 21
C3L25 M Dancey Mary C.W. 4
C3L25 M Dancey Saml. C.W. 3
C3L25 M Moore Wm. labourer Ire. C of E Beaver----- 21
Edger John lumberman Eng. W Meth Smith 30
Milburn Wm. farmer C.W. W Meth Smith 24
Jorden Jas. labourer Ire. F C Darlington 20
Lafave Francis labourer C.W. R C Lutter. 19
Hartle Alex. farmer C.W. C of E Lutter. 28 mar
Gustis? John labourer C.W. Bap Prince Ed. 22
Milburn Wm. R. farmer C.W. W Meth Smith 18
Edgar John farmer C.W. W Meth Smith 21
Nichols Stephen farmer C.W. Bap Smith 23
Barnhart Norman farmer C.W. C of E Snowdon 23
Snowden Wm. labourer Eng. C of E Smith 25
Mullon Arthur farmer C.W. R C Emily 24
Moroeny? Chas. labourer C.W. W Meth Burford 20
Moroeny? Wm. labourer C.W. W Meth Burford 28
Moroeny? Isack farmer C.W. C of E Burford 26
Moroeny? Cyrus labourer C.W. Bap Brantford 34
Brians Wm. farmer C.W. Bap Burford 22
Edmison Alex. labourer Eng. C of S Smith 32 mar
Trotter Robt. farmer USA Luth New York 25
Ross Geo. labourer C.W. F C ? 25
Graham Robt. farmer Ire. C of E Smith 17
Edmiston John carpenter C.W. W Meth Snowdon 25
C3L5 M Peasby David farmer Ire. C of E 50 w log
Coulter John G. labourer Ire. C of E 14
? Henry farmer Eng. ? ? 21
Fisher Francis farmer Eng. ? ? 23
a lumber camp
C3L24 M Bell John farmer Eng. C of S 26 log
C3L24 M Bell Margt. C.E. 24
C3L24 M Bell Catherine C.W. 9
C3L24 M Bell Rebecca C.W. 2
C6L21 M Archer Thorlby W. farmer Eng. C of E 22 log
C6L21 M Archer Eliz. C.W. 22
C6L21 M Archer Mary J. C.W. 3
C2L18 M Austin Jas. labourer Eng. C of E Mariposa 45
C2L18 M Austin Richd. labourer Eng. Mariposa 25
C2L18 M Austin Chas. farmer C.W. E Meth 45 hus
C2L18 M Austin Eliz. C.W. 45 wife
C2L18 M Austin Benj. labourer C.W. 22
C2L18 M Austin W.J. C.W. 17 son
C2L18 M Austin Isaac C.W. 15
C2L18 M Austin Ma??table C.W. 12 dau
C2L18 M Austin Emmerson B. C.W. 10
C2L18 M Austin Sarah J. C.W. 8
C2L18 M Austin Chas. W. C.W. 4
AL27 M Jarvis Wm. farmer Ire. W Meth 28 log
AL27 M Jarvis Eliza Ire. 25
AL27 M Jarvis John C.W. 5
AL27 M Jarvis Wm. Jr. C.W. 3
AL27 M Jarvis Eliza C.W. 1
AL27 M Coulter Jas. labourer Ire. C of E 19
Cole Zachariah farmer C.W. W Meth Hindon 26 ?
Cole Sarah A. C.W. C of E Hindon 20
Cole John J. C.W. C of E Hindon 2
Morison Mark labourer C.W. W Meth Lindsay 20
Douglas Geo. labourer C.W. C of E Anson 22
C1L10 S Hunter Isaac farmer USA W Meth 50 ?
C1L10 S Hunter Eliz. trapper C.W. 35
C1L10 S Hunter Maria C.W. 7
C1L10 S Sweney Patk. labourer Ire. R C 50
C2L5 S Stevens Peter farmer C.W. C of E 42 log
C2L5 S Stevens Margt. C.W. 24
C2L5 S Stevens Ed. C.W. 6
C2L5 S Stevens Wm. C.W. 4
C2L5 S Stevens Geo. C.W. 2
Turick? Jas. teacher Ire. C of E 76 hus ?
Turick? Ann Ire. 46 wife
Turick? Ellen C.W. 19
Turick? Alice C.W. 14
Turick? Patk. C.W. 10
Turick? Jos. C.W. 7
C3L16 S Sturgeon? Robt. farmer Ire. C of E 27 hus log
C3L16 S Stradgeon? Catherine C.W. C of E 18? wife
Ren??? Adam hunter C.W. W Meth Rama ? ?
Welsh Wm. farmer Eng. C of E 34 log
Welsh A. Eng. 28 wife
Sims ? male farmer Eng. W Meth 48 w log
Sims Ann Eng. 18
Sims John labourer Eng. 21
Sims Geo. Eng. 20
Davis Caleb labourer Ire. C of E 26
Silverwood Wm. farmer Ire. W Meth 30 log
Silverwood Mary J. Ire. 26
Silverwood Tobias H. C.W. 5
Silverwood Eliza C.W. 3
Silverwood Maria C.W. 1
C4L21 S Mason Geo. A. Indian C.W. W Meth 27 hus log
C4L21 S Mason Eliz.  trader C.W. 24 wife
C4L21 S Fisher Nilberg labourer USA W Meth 55 mar
C4L21 S Peters John hunter C.W. W Meth Rama 29 hus
C4L21 S Peters Marey C.W. Rama 17 wife
C5L24 S Melvil Jas. farmer Scot. C of S 28 log
C5L24 S Melvil Catherine C.W. 28
C5L24 S Melvil Wm. C. C.W. 2
C5L24 S Bruce Thos. farmer Ire. C of E 28
St. Germain John hunter C.W. R C Rama 48 camp
St. Germain Polley C.W. Rama 38
St. Germain Francis C.W. Rama 19
St. Germain Angeline C.W. Rama 21
St. Germain Catherine C.W. Rama 16
St. Germain Michael C.W. Rama 8
St. Germain Jane C.W. Rama 4
York Johnathan hunter C.W. R C Rama 30 ?
York Sarah Ann C.W. W Meth Rama 35
York John C.W. W Meth Rama 12
York Eliza C.W. Rama 19
York Andrew C.W. Rama 24
York Moses C.W. Rama 13
York Widow C.W. Rama 53 w
Benson Jas. hunter C.W. W Meth Rama 19 camp
not in personal census:
AL4 M Buck Danl.
AL22 M Haw David
AL23 M Haw Jos.
AL24 M Taylor Abraham
AL30 M McCracken Robt.
AL3 S Jarvis Wm.
Sawyers David farmer C.W. C of E 47 log
Sawyers Eliza? trapper C.W. 40
Sawyers Christopher labourer C.W. 17
Sawyers Henry labourer C.W. 15
Sawyers John C.W. 12
Sawyers Nancy C.W. 10
Sawyers Jane C.W. 8
Sawyers Saml. C.W. 4
Sawyers Geo. C.W. 2
Gregory Geo. farmer C.W. C of E 19 hus
Gregory Charlot C.W. 18 wife
Gregory Eliza. C.W. 1
Sisen? John farmer Ire. C of E 50 mar log
Sisen? Francis labourer C.W. 17

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