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1816 Beverley Twp, Wentworth
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Transcriber: Donna Evans
Proofreader: Robert Bennitt

LAC # MS-700
District: Gore District
Sub-District: Beverley Twp
Enumerator: John Marian, Isaac Blasdall

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What do the headings mean?

Babcock       Augustus
Babcock       Henry
Baker         Burgess
Baker         Elias
Blasdall      Isaac
Buckborough   Geore
Buckborough   John Jr
Buckborough   John Sr
Colman        John
Cope          Conrad
Cope          Henry
Cope          Jacob
Cope          Joshua
Cope          Thomas
Cornell       Benjamin
Cornell       Enoch
Cornell       John
Cornell       Joseph
Cornell       Moses
Cornell       Samuel
Decker        Richard
Ernes         Robert
Fassett       Samuel
Griffith      Ebanezer
Griffith      Enos
Griffith      Hannah
Hamel         John
Jones         Andrew
Lawrison      John
Main          Adam
Main          Eleanor
Main          John
Main          Philip
Manning       Elizabeth
Marian        John
McCarter      James
McCarter      John
McKean        Josiah
Middaugh      James
Moore         Henry
Muma          Samuel
Rosebrook     William
Sararas       Nicholas
Shannon       David
Shaver        Isaac
Sipes         Jacob Jr
Sipes         Jacob Sr
Sipes         Jonas
Skinner       Jeptha
Smith         John L
Smith         Jonas
Vansickle     John Jr
Vansickle     John Sr
VanSickle     Rinear
Vrooman       Arent
Warner        Zachariah
Wedge         James
Wedge         William
Whitsell      Andrew
Will          Philip

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