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1847 Malden Township, Essex County
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LAC # H-1175
Enumerator: Alanson Botsford

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What do the headings mean?
PGName of Head of HousePropietor of Real PropertyNon-Propietor of Real PropertyElligable to VoteTrade or Profession# Non-Family# Absent Family# Native of England# Native of Ireland# Native of Scotland# Native Canada French# Native Canada British# Other - Specify# Native US# Years in province when not Native# Aliens not Naturalized
# of Ages 0-5
# of Ages 5-14
# of Males 14-18
# of Males 18-21
# of Males 21-30
# of Males 30-60
# of Males 60 +
# of Females 14-45
# of Females 45 +
1Philip SimmonsYYFarmer213,721115 Baptist
1Joseph Dubin SrYYCooper411114 Church of Rome
1Joseph BuffordYYFarmer7122117 Church of Rome
1Charles CleggatYYFarmer217,102112 Can. Wes. Meth.
1Bryson NorberyYYFarmer222211114 Can. Wes. Meth.
1Thomas DartierYFarmer2141211116 Can. Wes. Meth.
1? BuffordYYFarmer212 Church of Rome
1Mrs MellocheYSpinster512115 Church of Rome
1Joseph BondieYFarmer11232111111 church of Rome
1George LeslieYFarmer11511 Church of Scotland
1Antoine PilonYFarmer411114 Ch of Rome, 2 Quaker
1Charles GrondinYFarmer112122111111 Ch of Rome
1Joseph PougetYFarmer7212117 Church of Rome
1Joseph Dubin JrYYCooper5111115 Church of Rome
1J. B. DelisleYFarmer62111116 Church of Rome
1Alex GreenYYFarmer2122111111 Can Wes Meth, 5 Other
1Samuel AtkinsonYFarmer13302111 Brit Wes Meth
1Walter Atkin Sr.YFarmer1430225 Brit Wes Meth
1George BethamYFarmer5111217 Presbyterian
1Gore AtkinYFarmer2112 Church of England
1Walter AtkinYFarmer111 Church of England
1Ezekiel LaneYFarmer5111117 Can Wes Meth
1John LaneYFarmer1716213118 Presbyterian
1William BellYYFarmer322311114 Brit Wes Meth
1Francis CaldwellYFarmer411114 ch of Rome
1John CaldwellYFarmer81111131111 Ch of Rome, 1 Other
1Clovice CadoretYFarmer411114 Ch of Rome
1Edward ?YYFarmer158122114 Ch of England, 3 Ch of Rome
1James ElliotYFarmer5111115 Can Wes Meth
1Benjamin BaldwinYFarmer4?,231114 Other
1Andrew VickersYFarmer2162214118 Baptist
1John HedgmanYFarmer2142111115 Baptist
1Jacques ThompsonYFarmer21622114 Baptist
3Samuel JonesYYFarmer220211114 Baptist
3Jefferson GoldenYYLabourer2242112 Baptist
3Amos BaileyYFarmer131211114 Ch of England
3John BanisterYFarmer21421113 Baptist
3Thomas WalkerYYFarmer124211114 Baptist
3J. B. RabidouYFarmer10223111110 Ch of Rome
3Lewis CadoretYFarmer811321118 Ch of Rome
3Charles GouldYYFarmer11111113 Methodist
3Laurant GeeYYFarmer622022111118 Ch of Rome
3Lewis BoissonYFarmer512115 Church of Rome
3Julian DislippeYFarmer61111116 Church of Rome
3Stephan TaylorYFarmer2171113 ch of Rome
3Henry NettlesYFarmer2202112 Baptist
3John LazerYLabourer411 Germany14111113 Ch of Rome, 1 Ch of England
3Thomas NolanYYFarmer42114 Baptist
3Francis ButlerYYFarmer122111 Baptist
3Edward ShayYFarmer5111115 Can Wes Meth
3J. B. Dineau Sr.YFarmer6112116 Church of Rome
3Andrew ClarkYYFarmer29222 Baptist
3John HarrisYFarmer1132021114 Ch of Rome, 1 Ch of England
3Thomas Harris Sr.YFarmer226112 Ch of England
3Thomas Harris Jr.YFarmer27202411119 Ch of England
3Joseph BorronYFarmer31113 Ch of Rome
3John StockwellYFarmer8222118 Ch of England
3Louis JubenvilleYYFarmer962319 Ch of England
3Mrs. JubenvilleYSpinster621116 Church of Rome
3H. MinerNot GivenYFarmer171113 Episcopalian Methodist
3Stephen MajorsYYFarmer1126121211110 Baptist
3John McLeanYFarmer16221116 Ch of Rome, 1 Baptist
3Lewis DineauYFarmer81112118 Ch of Rome
3Jonas C. FoxYFarmer521115 Presbyterian
3Michael JubenvilleYYFarmer71211117 Church of Rome
5Bazille GoulinYYFarmer42114 Ch of Rome
5Asa YoungYFarmer9322119 Ch of England
5Laurent BoudoinYFarmer42114 Ch of Rome
5Jeremiah LockhartYFarmer611116 Ch of England
5William Mickle Jr.YFarmer2112 Presbyterian
5Richard DarslinYFarmer41124 Ch of England
5Robert DarslinYYFarmer411114 Ch of England
5Robert AndersonYFarmer211121113 Ch of Scotland
5James LyonsYYLabourer215214117 Baptist
5Samuel DarslinYFarmer15131111 Ch of England, 5 Ch of Rome
5H. MinerYYFarmer11411Not Given
5James PilonYYFarmer7111111117 Ch of Rome
5Charles JubenvilleYYFarmer31113 Ch of Rome
5William BrushYYFarmer31113 Ch of England
5Edward SanisacYYFarmer6112116 Ch of Rome
5? StrainerYYFarmer211115 Brit Wes Meth
5Isaiah LaceyYY?321021115 Ch of England
5William CaldwellYFarmer113201141114113 Ch of Rome
5Emory CoyaYFarmer102112211110 Ch of Rome
5J. B. CoyaYYFarmer511111
5Edward LepainYYFarmer631115 Ch of Rome
5John McCormackYFarmer1711116 Ch of Rome
5Mrs Nathan BrushYSpinster411117 Ch of England
5Mrs LapuisYSpinster41114 ch of England
5Tom HopkinsYYFarmer1213114 Ch of Rome
5Jacques SanisacYYFarmer81221118 Baptist
5Washington NorrisYYFarmer211118 Ch of Rome
5P? SchusterYYFarmer1117 Baptist
5Solomon Fran?YYFarmer111113 Baptist
5Alex TiffisterYFarmer42115 Baptist
5Antoine BubinsYYFarmer31114 Ch of Rome
7Michael FoxYFarmer5111115 Presbyterian
7J. B. Dincuss Sr.YFarmer812111118 Ch of Rome
7Israel WilliamsYYFarmer22921222111110 Episcopal Methodist
7Abraham McCasselYYFarmer110111 Baptist
7John ButlerYYFarmer232112 Baptist
7Thomas BrushYFarmer411114 Ch of England
7Alexander GasconYFarmer5111115 Ch of Rome
7Mrs ReidYSpinster128213 Ch of Rome
7George geniacYYFarmer511115 Ch of Rome
7John AndrewsYYFarmer411111115 Ch fo Scotland
7John DavisYYFarmer35112111118 Presbyterian
7Pierre RenaudYYFarmer511125 Ch of Rome
7Anthony SellarsYYFarmer111102111111 Ch of England, 5 Ch of Scotland, 1 Baptist
7Arthur HuntYFarmer121113 Ch of Rome
7Patrice BarronYYCarpenter2112 Ch of Rome
7J. B. CadoretYYFarmer81122118 Ch of Rome
7Amable CadoretYYFarmer91222119 Ch of Rome
7Antoine BarronYFarmer81111318 Ch of Rome
7Joseph GravlineYFarmer12342111112 Ch of Rome
7Charles ReaumeYFarmer11123211111 Ch of Rome
7Joseph ChampainYYFarmer91231119 Ch of Rome
7Mador MartinYYFarmer81311118 Ch of Rome
7Joseph RenaudYYFarmer5111115 Ch of Rome
7Jacques AmlinYFarmer612116 ch of Rome
7Joseph IusoYYFarmer51111115 Ch of Rome
7John ?YYFarmer251221227 Presbyterian
7Daniel BanksYYFarmer2122122111Not Given
7Callum & DunnYYFarmer51411215 Presbyterian
7Harford ?YYFarmer3931111115 Methodists
7Joachim BarnakinYYFarmer5111115 Ch of Rome
7Dominic RenaudYYFarmer91131129 Ch of Rome

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